RIWC 2024 (Retina International World Congress)

Championing Usher Syndrome: Highlights from RIWC24 in Dublin

We are thrilled to share our experience at the Retina International World Congress 2024 (RIWC24) in Dublin! Our co-founder, Arnau Espinosa Manzanal, MSc, had the honor of representing the Usher syndrome type 1B community at this prestigious event. The congress was a phenomenal platform to connect with fellow advocates, share insights, and learn about the latest scientific advancements in our field.

Attending RIWC24 was truly enlightening. We interacted with numerous patient advocates from the Retina International Fighting Blindness Foundation Ireland. As newcomers, we reaffirmed the vital role that patient and parent-led organizations play for researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Our organization not only brings attention to Usher 1B and funds critical research but also provides essential information, resources, and energy to drive scientific progress toward finding treatments.

We are proud to be a key piece of the puzzle in this mission. We work tirelessly to accelerate progress. Our commitment to finding a treatment for RP in Usher syndrome type 1B encompasses every relevant aspect: research, treatment processes, media outreach, awareness campaigns, information dissemination, community engagement, vision advocacy, transparency, fundraising, and hosting significant events.

Furthermore, attending RIWC24 has profoundly impacted our work. It provided invaluable connections, insights, and inspiration. These will drive our mission forward with renewed vigor and determination.

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