What becoming a member of Save Sight Now Europe means

Becoming a member of SSNEU means embracing our commitment to finding a treatment for Usher syndrome type 1B, particularly targeting Retinitis Pigmentosa, the leading cause of childhood blindness in Usher 1B. As a member, you’ll actively support our organization’s mission and scientific endeavors in this field, including contributing financially with your membership fee.

By becoming a member, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Participate and vote in decision-making processes in the General Assembly within the association, our headquarters in Switzerland. Regardless of your location, you’ll have a voice in shaping our initiatives and strategies.
  • Attend the Foundation’s virtual annual meeting. This event will highlight the progress and achievements of the past year.
Join us as a member and help accelerate to find a cure!

Become a Member through our Swiss Account (Eligible for Tax Deduction in Switzerland)

Become a Member through our Spanish Account (Eligible for Tax Deduction in Spain)