USH Movement

Welcome to the USH Event movement, where we come together as a community to support groundbreaking research for Usher Syndrome Type 1B. By promoting various types of events, we aim to raise funds that will contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge and potential treatments for this rare genetic disorder.


USH Event Movement

The strength of the community we aim to build shines in three key aspects: unity, raising awareness of Usher Syndrome type 1B and the solidarity that drives us to fundraise.

The active involvement of family and friends in event organization not only creates awareness but also infuses vital energy into our goal. Each event not only contributes essential funds but also becomes a beacon of hope and happiness.

Together, we are weaving a brighter future and treatments for Usher Syndrome type 1B. Let’s keep building bridges toward healing!

Creating or joining a USH Event is simple and rewarding. With just a few clicks, you can have your own page, a link to donations, and a space to motivate and engage your community or group.

You can also join existing events organized by fellow supporters or donate to them.

Ush Supporters

The global initiative SAVE SIGHT NOW EUROPE aims to promote fundraising for scientific research and treatment of Usher Syndrome type 1B. We are open to the participation of third parties, and supporters, who wish to undertake actions with this goal and contribute to the integrity of the net funds raised to the organisation. The importance of transparency in financial contributions, whether directly from the Foundation, the Association, or through supporters, to ensure the reliability of the funds raised is crucial for SAVE SIGHT NOW EUROPE. Therefore, actions to raise funds must be communicated and for those collaborating with the Foundation, approved after the signing of the required documents to provide commitment, transparency, and integrity for both parties.

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