Solidarity Race at Institut de Deltebre (Catalonia)

Solidarity Race at Deltebre. Lead by Institut Deltebre and Leo’s mother and stepfather, Amaya Parra and Mario Figueres.

Leo (Usher 1B affected)’s high school mobilized to involve the entire community and student body. From organizing the event with the collaboration of sponsors, and selling bracelets, to promoting it on social and media platforms, the students who organized it demonstrated outstanding effort and energy. To thank the students for their dedication and help them understand the purpose of the funds raised, SSNEU provided an explanatory talk about our objectives, how we are addressing our fight, and the current state of research.

IG video of the arrangements before the race
IG video of Leo watching the finish line
Supporters leading the Event: Institut de Deltebre (Leo’s highschool)
Day and location of the Event: May 7th 2023 | Deltebre, Catalonia
Event Fundraising Donation: 5.163,16€