Solidarity Piggy Banks

Solidarity Piggy Banks. A vast initiative from Amaya Parra, mother of an affected child that is making a significant impact on Usher syndrome awareness and research

The initiative began with the idea of ​​leaving a piggy bank in a store and now they have it. more than 120 participating businesses. We will update the collection quarterly so that you can see how your contribution to any of these businesses is helping to advance research for the cure for Usher 1B.

We are very thankful for all these businesses joining the piggy banks initiative and collecting generously for Save Sight Now Europe. Thank you all!

Criscar Restaurant Cafeteria: 85€

Restaurant Els Ullals: 500€

Bar La Lluna: 164€

Eden i lo Bar de l’Insti: 92€

Bufet La Gaya: 100€

Rosa Perruqueria: 125€

La Flor bakery joins the initiative

@gisframar joins the initiative

BonArea joins the initiative

Supporters leading the Event: Amaya Parra

Day and location of the Event: Ongoing Event | Deltebre, Catalonia

Event Fundraising Donation: 256€