La Saint Nicolas solidarity Fondues in Fribourg

Solidarity Fondues at les restaurants Les Trentenaires, the TM-Café and the Talk-Wine in Fribourg

Fondues to help science in Fribourg. On the occasion of the feast of Saint Nicholas, the Meyers family (Elise and Xavier, parents of an affected child) have organized with Stephane Jaton’s restaurants in Fribourg (Les Trentenaires, TM-Café, Talk-Wine) to offer solidarity fondues to their customers. 20% of the proceeds are dedicated to SSNEU and the objective of supporting science and finding a treatment for Usher 1B.

Supporters leading the Event: Elise and Xavier Meyer
Day and location of the Event: 2 december 2023 | Fribourg, Switzerland
Event Fundraising Donation: 589,60CHF