Festival Menuts, event in Kindergarten in Gavà Mar, Catalonia

An event in Jordi’s (Ush 1B affected child) kindergarten to raise awareness and funds for SSNEU and Usher Syndrome.

An event where Jordi’s Family could share with the community and kindergarten friends his battle to fight Usher Syndrome type 1B and the efforts SSNEU pursues to find a treatment for this rare condition. Also, a sales corner to raise funds was abled at a party at Jordi’s school, Institut escola Gavà Mar.

IG reel form the Event
Supporters leading the Event: Jenny Gea & Jordi Mas (Jordi’s family)
Day and location of the Event: June 18th 2023 | Gavà Mar, Catalonia
Event Fundraising Donation: 1.305€