Camí de Nadal: La Xarxa Matadepera & Cia La Bleda

A Solidarity Show in Matadepera. a show by Cia La Bleda.

A show by La Bleda and Xarxa Matadepera that brought light to Usher syndrome on December 16, 2023. Cristina and Ivet Garcia de Mateo (aunt and Mother of an affected child) and la Xarxa Matadepera promote this event to happen.

The show: La Bleda has been waiting all year for this moment: Christmas. He sets out on the road to Bethlehem…but he realizes that he doesn’t know how to get there. He does not know the way to visit the child. While searching, he will do so with songs and carols that will help him find him.

A moment of the show

A moment of the show

Supporters leading the Event: La Xarxa Matadepera
Day and location of the Event: December 16th 2023 | Matadepera, Catalonia
Event Fundraising Donation: 230€