Unveiling Our Mission: Introducing the Foundation in Barcelona as We Expand to Spain!

Incredible experience at the Save Sight Now Europe | Foundation Usher Syndrome presentation event last Tuesday 7th November 2023, at the Old Estrella Damm Factory! We are overwhelmed by everything we are mobilizing and what we witnessed on that night.

We haven’t fully recovered yet, and we are excited to share the success achieved. We are grateful for the overwhelming response: the room was full, demonstrating support and interest in the cause.
First Institutional Celebration: It was a milestone, being the first institutional celebration organized by the foundation. We are committed to fighting blindness in Usher 1B, and this event was another step towards our goal. Your donations keep increasing, and we are very grateful.

We want to express our gratitude to key people who made this event possible: Flora Saura, Laura Cardona Ventura, Esther Rodriguez, Gara Roda, Marina Calvo Nieto, Anna Masides Olagorta, Noa Torner, Laura Munné, Júlia Espinosa Manzanal, Hermes Solé Higueras, Silvia Manzanal, Juanjo Sánchez, Mateo’s family, and the artists Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Mercè Martínez, and David Carabén (your words warm our hearts and fill us with energy), thank you for your support, positive energy, and talent. To Dr. Jaume Català-Mora, MD, PhD for his always contribution, his career, talent, availability, and generosity.
All filled with kindness, love, and passion.
(And to our daughter’s grandparents, without them, we could not have been working, heartfelt thanks.)

We extend our thanks to virtual participants: José Maria Millán, Chloe Joyner, Karmen Trzupek, Carolien de Bie, Dominique Sturz, and especially to our fellow fighters in the U.S., Justin Porcano and Rosalyn Porcano, Save Sight Now, lucky to have found you along the way!

We thank the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm, Sal Marina Canela Fina, and everyone who contributed to making this night possible. Special thanks to our sponsors: Tectrol, S.A., Pymej, Bonpreu, Aural Widex, Instituto Médico Privado Barcelona, LEX28, Marimon Buendia & Carranza, and Almenibor, S.L.. Your generosity fills us with gratitude.
Finally, thanks for the coverage from Radiocat XXI. RAC1 / RAC105 on the Via Lliure program with Xavier Bundó and Mireia Garolera.

Despite the excitement and intensity of the event, we continue to work tirelessly. There are no breaks, just a motor that doesn’t stop vibrating! Thanks to everyone who made this memorable event possible. We continue to move towards our goal of curing blindness in Usher 1B!

If you’d like to help us fund groundbreaking research to defeat Usher syndrome, click the Donate button.