Radio Gràcia: An interview explaining SSNEU, Origines and Goal.

Interview by Josefina Altés on Ràdio Gràcia (Gracienques Program) | 08.11.22

Co-founder Berta Adell explains their story from Bruna’s diagnosis to the creation of SSNEurope. A complete interview through all the emotions of having a rare disease diagnostic to the creation of the organization.

We were at Radio Gràcia on November 8th. Berta Adell, the co-founder of Save Sight Now Europe and Bruna’s mother, talked about Usher Syndrome type 1B and their organization SSNEurope to find a treatment for RP due to Usher 1B.

Gracienques is a program directed and presented by Josefina Altés in which women from Gràcia are interviewed. Women who have excelled in different fields, intend to get to know their lives in depth.

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