The program MeteoMauri and Catalunya Radio offered the opportunity to talk about our story and the creation of Save Sight Now Europe.

Interview with Francesc Mauri and José Luís Gallego | Catalunya Radio | 10.11.2022

At Meteo Mauri, the environment, the green economy, the circular economy, sustainability, and efficiency are the leading issues. It is what made them decide to create this first radio program in Catalonia and Spain, in web format, dedicated one hundred percent to sustainability and efficiency. José Luís Gallego and Francesc Mauri are leading the GreenMeteoMauri where we had the opportunity to be interviewed and talk.

They take care of and make us put in value on our world, our sustainability our environment, and all the powerful colors in nature that we fight for Bruna to see forever. That’s our compromise, we’ll show her this beautiful world we live in, this world they work hard to be a better green place.

On their 10th anniversary, at the Green MeteoMauri Interview, they offered us the opportunity to talk about Bruna and Usher syndrome type 1B, the rare disease that deprives her of hearing, having balance, and that will keep her sight away.

As they mention in the podcast, Bruna,  more than anyone, deserves a better planet. Bruna and all children with Usher syndrome deserve a better planet.



We talk about Usher Syndrome disease, the fight to cure Bruna, and the goals pursued by the organization. An interview about energy, courage, confidence, and determination needed to build on the positive in a complex scenario.

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